Get a massive 15% discount right now +
save on future subscription fees for
new features worth $2400

You can be up and running in your own private cloud within a few days

Work efficiently from remote, access your documents and data on any device with just a browser and a network connection. Make video calls, voice calls, webinars, share screens. Do most of the tasks you need to do to complete the core of your work.

Collaborative Editing of Office Docs

Create and Edit Documents on your Document Drive in the private cloud. All is there for you to use. You can even do do collaborative editing with your colleagues.

Groupware and Your Own Domain

Calendar, Contacts, Video/Voice Calls, Email with your company domain (the latter is optional). Just set the DNS record and you will be active within max a few days.

Features / Apps

Word processor, calculation sheets, presentations, private cloud storage, file manager, video calls, voice calls and online meetings with video, calendar, contacts, email inboxes where you use your own domain, task organizer, photo viewer, Kanban organizer, maps and satellite views, mobile apps, mind maps, appointment setter, music player, sync with desktop, saving bookmarks (and have them accessible at any device and any location), Expense handling, Time Reporting and more

Access coming features for free

If you become a customer now for a 5 year plan you will get access to our coming features without additional subscription fees. We estimate the value of this to $2,400 per user during the full five year subscription period.

We offer a limited set of private clouds that now to organizations that will get the chance to get in at really low prices.
Less than $94/year and user is the lowest price we offer for a multi year subscription.


“We have used BEE MyCloud since the first pre-launch version and we have followed the releases since then, we started because we needed a reliable service for working in a distributed organization, remotely, yet always have access to up-to-date documents. For us it has been a great help in keeping our regular business and projects going even when our staff and other contributors worked from home. This suite of collaboration tools have been of great help to us to have access to and in the suite of software that we have had access includes most of the tools that we need.

We have had webinars with between 75 – 93 attendees using the BEE MyCloud Talk video calling. We measured the need for bandwidth and it seemed like only around 300 kBps were needed per connection. This is far better than what we have seen with the more known such services.

We started smooth with just 33 user accounts with Silver support and a 5 year plan, but increased that number to all, 74 user accounts, after just a week. We initially chose to not migrate our emails, but we changed our mind after just three weeks. It’s been great.

The support that we have received has been state-of-the-art. They usually respond faster than what we expect.”

– Michael Johnson, CTO

“When the pandemic broke out we had to do something to keep the company and business running. At that time we came across BEE MyCloud. We understood fast that this is a game changer. One of our main challenges, besides having our staff work partially from home, is that we must protect our privacy. We have to keep our integrity intact, especially due to the nature of our business and our clients, which means that the idea of putting our documents into the hands of any of the major tech companies’ cloud based services, is simply out of the question. We purchased 56 user accounts with email and we chose the encrypted private cloud with Gold Support. It’s worth every penny. We settled with a three year plan, but we are considering to upgrade to secure the coming new features.

Migrating our emails from our previous provider was done by the BEE MyCloud people. It just took a few hours.

The integrated office suite gives us everything that we need to produce the documents, specifications, quality assurance follow-ups etc. We have also internal video call meetings in BEE MyCloud Talk. It works great. Most frequent use of the Talk feature is the project meetings where also subcontractors have been invited. It works great!”

– Mahmoud Hussein, COO

Talk to us! Find out if we can solve your organization’s needs to work remote in a distributed organization. This is a one hour advisory call where we will also demo our offer. Free of charge of course. Just show your interest in the below form and we will contact you to set up the online meeting.

This is a web based service that is very fast to get going with.

What you need is a device (e.g. PC, laptop, desktop computer, mobile, tablet), a good enough internet connection and a compatible browser plus a subscription to BEE MyCloud to get going. It can probably not be easier than this to keep your organization operational with collaboration between coworkers intact.

Another benefit is that your content is not indexed, snooped etc by BEE MyCloud. It’s yours and no one else have the right to access it.

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