Collaboration apps as a Service

As described at other places at this site, the BEE MyCloud website, we offer a web based service for private clouds and encrypted private clouds. We do not sell the software, we sell subscriptions to access the software as a service and we sell support to support the service and the software we make available in this service.

For some organizations we also offer to install the software at that organizations own server infrastructure and then, and then the customer can choose to run the software themselves. If the customer wants our help, we can run and maintain the software in their own private cloud.

When we offer BEE MyCloud on our own server infrastructure, we make it available as Collaboration Apps as a Service. For this we charge a fee which is dependent on the contractual length (when we run campaigns) and what level of support that your organization need. We offer Standard support, Silver support, Gold support and Platinum support. When we run campaigns, we have the ambition of that the renewal of the contracts will have the same pricing as it had when the organization signed up to become a customer in the first place. This is an ambition and not a promise as we might be forced to raise the prices at the end of a contractual term. We offer BEE MyCloud in two variants time wise. One is a one year contract, the other is a five year contract. During campaigns we might offer the five year contract with one year free, meaning, the customer pays for four years but get one year extra included in the price.