​We have seen it ourselves. Have you? Have you noticed how your data, documents, internal information, contents of emails etc seem to have leaked? Have you noticed how you seem to be followed by ads based on not what you do, but on the contents of your data?

Don’t be surprised! This is how it works. When you sign up to a social network or buy access to a service in the cloud, YOUR organization’s data, internal documents, emails etc and even calls, are analyzed and made available for some of the major tech companies so that they can either sell information about your business whereabouts, or use it to serve you annoying ads that follows you all over the internet.

We got fed up with this ourselves, so we decided to create a safe service for our own use. Now we have released this service to the public. This is BEE MyCloud, the company collaboration apps that exists in your own private cloud.

Please, let us introduce BEE MyCloud Collaboration Apps.