Collaboration Apps and much more

BEE MyCloud offers a plethora of collaboration apps including an office suite online, private cloud storage with a file manager, video calls, voice calls and online meetings with video, calendar, contacts, email inboxes where you use your own domain, task organizer, Kanban organizer, photo viewer, maps and satellite views, appointment setter, music player, mobile apps, sync with desktop and saving bookmarks in the private cloud. You choose what you want you or your organization to share, if it is just within your organization or if you want to invite some other BEE MyCloud private customer or perhaps someone who doesn’t use BEE MyCloud private clouds at all.

A LOT more features are on the roadmap such as an SMS marketing app with a statistics engine, a project management app, a CRM app etc. It will take some time til we have these apps integrated, but when we do you will look at collaboration apps with a broader view.

Office suite – Word processing, calculation sheets and presentation apps

The BEE MyCloud office suite online is an awesome app where you can edit documents together with the colleagues of your choice. The types of documents that can be created and edited using the office suite online are for word processing, calculations sheets and presentations. These document types are not custom for BEE MyCloud, on the contrary, we follow open standards and we use apps that follow open standards. For BEE MyCloud office suite online we make use of Libre Office which ensures a comprehensive compatibility with a lot of different file formats.

Private Cloud Storage with File Manager

The BEE MyCloud File Manager is the easy access to the files in youyr private cloud. It’s also with the BEE MyCloud FileManager that you create some document types and then edit them using the apps available in your private cloud. Among these documents are word processing documents, calculation sheets, presentations and even mind maps etc. With BEE MyCloud you have a very simple overview of the files and documents stored in your private cloud. Using the BEE MyCloud File manager you can also create groups or circles to which you share documents, e.g. a certain project group should have common access to project documents, requirements specifications, contracts etc. It is very easy to do and works like a charm.

Email with your domain

When you use the mail feature in BEE MyCloud you get access the a neat webmail interface. We do not provide SMTP nor IMAP access for the simple reason that everything that you need is already accessible from your private cloud and equally good no matter it’s your desktop, mobile phone or tablet. You can use your own domain to send emails from assuming that you don’t use the same domain for other email services elsewhere.

Please note! This feature is optional. If you prefer to use your current setup with emails, that is perfectly fine too. You can still use our mail interface, but the support package you purchase from us will of course not include support on some other supplier’s mailboxes that you use. We only provide an interface.


Create your list of contacts for use within your private cloud or when you want to call them, email them etc.

Appointment setting

The Appointment setting app enables you to create a schedule of time slots that you can use for setting appointments. These are then push into the calendar of your choice. Share the appointment setting link and your customers, co-workers etc can pick what time slot they want which will then allocate the corresponding time slot in your calendar. This is a very nice feature which removes a lot of the hassle you will have with other services where you rent an appointment calendar. Why spend money on that, when it’s already included in the BEE MyCloud private clouds?!


The BEE MyCloud Calendar is an easy to use calendar app with which you can create several different calendar. You can for instance have one appointment calendar that you use for the appontmemnt setting app, another for project use etc.

Video calls, voice calls and online meetings

BEE MyCloud collaboration apps comes with an app that provide organizations to have video calls, voice calls, online meetings / webinars and screensharing. We have set a max limit to 100 persons to attend a video call or an online meeting. The actual max number of attendees are dependent on performance of your network and device used to attend the calls.

BEE MyCloud - talk - online meeting

Task organizer

Organize your tasks with BEE MyCloud Task Organizer. Create task lists, set start dates, due dates, current status, progress etc.

Kanban organizer

Organize your tasks with BEE MyCloud Kanban Organizer. This is an app that you can use for your agile project management or task management. Every person who works in an agile approach know exactly how to use a tool like this. When one card goes into a new status, then just drag and drop it to the new step.

Music player etc

The BEE MyCloud Music Player provides your organization with the ability to listen to the music that you own or that you have downloaded and is free. We do not allow copyrighted material on our BEE MyCloud servers, but these days so much music is for free. It doesn’t have to be music, it can be other sound files e.g. recordings from the latest company meeting, courses etc. You can even create playlists with the sound files of your choice. Just keep in mind that sound files and video files usually need a lot of space and one simple way of saving space could be to create a common folder which is shared among your organization’s co-workers.

Photo viewer

With the BEE MyCloud Photo viewer you have an easy way of looking at photos, screenshots etc, look at, browse etc among the images you have accessible.

Maps and Satellite views

BEE MyCloud Maps is a cool app where you have access to both maps and satellite views of geographies. You can even set shortcuts to places of your choice,

Time Manager

With the BEE MyCloud Time Manager your organization or project members can report their time to increase cost control and enhance follow-up on projects.


BEE MyCloud Forms make it simple for you to create surveys and then follow up on the results.


BEE MyCloud Spend is a spend tracking system. yet another example of that BEE MyCloud is a packages set of collaboration apps for enabling an organization to work in distributed organizations where the private cloud instance acts as an office in the pocket. BEE MyCloud Spend enables employees, project members etc, to register their expenses in the system, categorize them etc to get reimbursed where applicable.


BEE MyCloud Weather lets you keep track of the weather wherever on Earth where you are interested in knowing the weather.


BEE MyCloud Bookmarks is a neat way of saving bookmarks and have them available on the devices you use to access your private cloud, they are stored in ONE place, your private cloud, and accessible from everywhere (where you have internet available).
The traditional way of handling bookmarks is that you store your bookmarks in your browser in your desktop computer, your mobile or your tablet. These bookmarks are stored locally on that device, which requires that these devices are synchronized to have bookmarks available on more than the own browser (if this at all is supported). With BEE MyCloud Bookmarks, the bookmarks are stored in the private cloud and accessible on all devices of a certain user.

Quick Notes

No need for a full document? Just taking some short notes? Then BEE MyCloud Quick Notes is for you. You can share your notes with others too.

Sync with desktop

With the feature sync with desktop you can sync all your documents in your private cloud with your local desktop. In fact you should do it as your local computer is also your backup. With the sync app it is very simple to do.

Mobile Apps

If you don’t have a compatible browser installed in your mobile phone or simply that you prefer to use an app, we have that too. You can use it for accessing files in your BEE MyCloud private cloud, edit office suite documents and a lot of other things. You can do this from a browser too. The same goes for the app that is used for BEE MyCloud Talk. This you can use as a phone app that you can use for making internet calls BEE MyCloud Private Cloud. Since we with BEE MyCloud are trying to follow open standards as much as possible, there are other apps that are compatible too.

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