Encrypted Private Clouds

An encrypted private cloud is similar to a private cloud and differs mainly in one way, files are encrypted and therefor they are not possible to read without the private key that is encoded into the password for an encrypted private cloud. Even IF a cracker (criminal hacker) in some way would be able to hack your encrypted private cloud, despite the security measures that all our private clouds comes with, they will still not be able to read the contents of your files since what they will see is mumbo-jumbo to them. If your content is crucial security wise and you want to feel confident in that no one outside of your organization, e.g. the BEE MyCloud staff, then an encrypted private cloud is also for you.

Similar to a private cloud, an encrypted private cloud in the normal case, is an application environment and a document environment for an organisation where each person has a space of their own within the encrypted private cloud. Each person can choose what he/she wants to share with their colleagues or co-workers or, for that matter, with people outside of the private cloud. It is not only files, documents etc that can be used internally, or externally, with all our private clouds, but also video calls, voice calls, online meetings and screen sharing. What makes a private cloud encrypted is that the files (documents etc) in the private cloud are encrypted.

Please note that we can not help to restore files from e.g. an employee who has quit his/her job and not given their own private key to your organization to decrypt their files. Encrypted private clouds comes with both pros and cons. Make sure that your organisation has the proper process for handling employees who finish working for/with you.

All traffic to and from our private clouds and encrypted private clouds are encrypted using SSL and certificates. An encrypted private cloud has nothing to do with the data that is sent between your device and our servers, it’s about how the files are stored in your private cloud.