For desktops, mobiles and tablets

Desktop friendly, mobile friendly, tablet friendly, phablet friendly… Did anyone doubt? BEE MyCloud is a modern platform that can be used by modern devices whether they are desktop computers, mobile phones, tablet etc. Usually BEE MyCloud can be used just via a browser, even our office suite.

Below are a few examples of BEE MyCloud apps and how they look on a mobile. Looks good, huh!?

Calculation sheets

This is the calculation sheet part of our office online suite. With this you can do the things you do on a desktop, but online instead. You never need to install anything else than a web browser, then you are on your way to do great calculations. Our office suite online is handling most of the relevant file formats out there and is a one of a kind when it comes to compatibility.

Word processing

Of course a potent Word processing app is part of BEE MyCloud. With this app you can create great documents for use in business or private. Just like any other word processing program out there.


File Manager

This is the BEE MyCloud file manager. With this you can navigate around in your part of the private cloud to access the files stored there. You can create groups/circles with colleagues to access common files. It’s better to let an email contain a link to your document, instead of letting the document be an attachment to the email. That way you have more control and your email inbox doesn’t become full too fast.


Available apps

Under the menu you will find most of the available apps available in the private cloud.