Encrypted Private Cloud, Gold Support

From $977 / 3 years

Encrypted Private Cloud is a web based service for providing collaboration apps including an office suite online, video calls and much more.

The price is per user and includes gold support. Optional: With Email Account

Enter the firstName and lastName of the person(s) to get a user account and email address. One person per row. Between lastName and firstName there shall be a semikolon ( ; ) . If the number of rows is less than the selected quantity, please contact out customer support to get the remaining users in. If the number of rows are higher than the selected quantity, those who exceeds the selected quantity as submitted here, will be truncated.

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Encrypted Private Cloud is a web based service running private clouds running collaboration apps including an office suite online, private cloud storage and file manager, video calls, voice calls and online meetings with video, calendar, contacts, email inboxes where you use your own domain, task organizer, photo viewer, Kanban organizer, maps and satellite views, mobile apps, Mind maps, Time Manager and Expense Handling, appointment setter, music player, sync with desktop and saving bookmarks. You choose what you, or your organization, want to share.


Gold Support means that we will start working on the support ticket within 12 hours, Monday to Friday on non-holiday days. It does not mean that the support ticket will be solved within this time, this depends on the type of problem. Usually we solve the support tickets much faster.


The stated price is per user. Every user within the private cloud must be signed up to the same product and under the same domain. If they are not, the order will be rejected.